my suggestion about mini series / HTPC

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maxmax80    1

since I'm now become a loyal customer CM (could also be called fan boy !!), soon I resell my Silverstone MILO03 mATX and I'll buy a Mini210.

But what I feel to recommend it:

abandon the TFX format and switch to SFX power supply

for three reasons:

- With 80mm fan the SFX PSU is naturally quieter

- The SFX is market in constantly expanding, and it is a shame to leave it in the hands of Silverstone & BeQuiet!

- People look HTPC SFX case deep equal to or less than 300mm !!

also my Milo03 is 340mm deep, and it is barely under the TV in the cabinet!

as width, you can take advantage of about 430/440mm, (to develop the frame lengthwise) which is the size of a standard modern component Hifi today

rather as height a new HTPC, coolermaster can also go up to 130mm, so that users can put cpu cooler like Vortex plus, and also allow to have 2 front bay

P.S. do not forget the card reader included !!

it's all here too

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