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Royal Revolt2

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Mohd Noh    179

Hi guys,



i just play this game ... this is nice game


Royal Revolt 2 is a strategy action game for smartphones, tablets and Windows 8 PCs. Like its predecessor Royal Revolt 1, Royal Revolt 2 brings new momentum to the Tower Defense genre.For the first time in Tower Defense history, players take on both roles: attacking and defending. The impressive 3D graphics imbue a sense of kingliness (or queenliness) that all players can easily relate to. Players can now raid other peoples' castles as well as setting up castles of their own and building extensive defenses with high walls, powerful traps and deadly towers; all easily created with a few touches using the new intuitive construction mode.






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Mohd Noh    179

nice! will check it out

Come but you need start from lvl 1 :)  ..... this game like COC 









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