Brian Dzurisin

Nepton 240M Pump Connector Shorting out MOBO headers...MOBO??

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Hi, I was in the process of adding the 240M to my system today and when I went to turn on my machine it made a weird wooshing noise and I never got any video. I have the pump wire connected to one of the 4 pin fan headers on my MOBO and the Radiator fans connected to the CPU fan header. This was the only thing I changed and I took care to make sure the mounting hardware wasn't causing any grounds either.

To top it off I tried another MOBO hooked it up the same way and got the same results. Now with the 240M fully removed from my system and the air cooler back on the system still wont boot into any video on both MOBO's. Ive tried different RAM, CPU, Power Supply, Video Card all to no avail.

Any help and feedback would be appreciated.

Thank You,


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Pclinde    197

Hi Brian,


Is this problem resolved yet? Still having a weird whooshing noise?


Cheers, Pim

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