Julian Nordseth

Hype Desk Build [First ever attempt] work in progress

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Hi there im Hype! Building computers have been a hobby of mine for the past 10 years and ive spendt hours looking at people building Desk's until i finaly decided to make an attempt to build one of my own.


Making this Worklog to keep track of my progress. Decided to do so a little late, thats why i dont have any pictures of the case pre assembly. Either way ill link what i have for both my own sake and everyone who is, like me, interessted in these types of builds.



This is the first picture ive taken. Made all the bottom parts of the desk. Next step is straightning out the Lines to make everything even for the top frame with the glass and finishing the Holes for the fans and parts.



Smoothen everything out by hand using sandpaper (yes, my supply of fancy tools is limited)

Making the holes next!



Decided to make the fan Holes Square instead of circled beacuse it will look way better with the grills ive ordered From Phobya. 




Stilling need to make some holes + Ventilation for the PSU. Decided to keep the compartments between the MB and other parts separate from the Radiators for better AirFlow.

Got most of the parts im going to use in the Computer im currently using, including my 2 Tripple extra thick Rads From EK-WB. Will add a picture of the parts as im picking it apart.



Checked how the components fits with some old spare parts, its will look something like this before the fun Stuff begins. Decided to build in the PSU and add a Double Bottom to hide the cables. Will get the materials + Carbon Fiber to cover the top floor tomorrow and hopefully my Grill's have arrived.


Will add updates as i make changes. Probably 4 times a week since i cant stop working with it. Having the time of my life!


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