Coolermaster V1000

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I need some help with this modular PSU - I'm attempting to build a computer but I'm not 100% tech savvy so I need some help.  I've worked some of it out but not all of it which is why I need some help.


24 PIN on the PSU goes into motherboard 20+4 PIN PWR connection [ok]

18 PIN on the PSU cable goes into the PSU [ok]

One of the CPU cables provided [4+4 PIN] goes from the PSU into the EATX12V on the motherboard ok I understand this now.


But one branch of the PSU cable [10 PIN] would remain unconnected.


I'm just trying to get the theory straight first before I actually connect it up as I need to understand exactly what must be.


Would this 10 pin connection on the PSU cable need to be connected to other devices to provide power?-

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I've been continuing to look at this.  I noticed on the PSU-"like a map"-

18P MB=this goes into 24 PIN EATX PWR on the motherboard AND

10P MB= this goes into the psu block as well - so there are two sources of power for the motherboard


Then from the CPU on the PSU [8pin] into EATX12V on motherboard [4+4 PIN]= Solution..... :rolleyes:


So in other words both 18P & 10P need to be connected to the PSU [block]-


Thanks for the picture - This element is understood - I just hope the cable is long enough-

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