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Loramentum - A watercooled, wall mounted, portable rig

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Today when I was putting the frame down I managed to stumble and it slipped out of my grip... and landed on the floor corner first.  Naturally, the corner completely shattered, taking a large section out of the panel.  Sadly this extended through one of the main water channels, meaning it can't be repaired.  Took a mighty chunk out of the wood flooring though, talk about a hefty hit!  The components themselves seem to be okay, it didn't land on them and they don't seem to have suffered.  I'll assemble them all again and check thoroughly, however, that everything is still functioning.


So what does this mean for Loramentum?  Not much.  I'm going to be having another block milled, I will also improve the design a little on the way, making it lighter weight and more efficient.  It's annoying, but there's not much else to do really.  No way can I let this build slide into the abyss, no it will rise even better than before, and hopefully it will still be ready for iSeries.


Enjoy the carnage!  :D




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Right everybody, I finished up the new block 3D model last night, this should be rather interesting if I can get it milled in time.  I've reduced the total weight by roughly 45%, hopefully without sacrificing strength either.  This'll make it much easier to carry around.[/font]


I did a couple quick renders to show the new design, should be much more interesting than the last one.








I also went and uploaded all those files that I mentioned earlier.  So if you'd like any of them, simply download away.  I've included the Inventor files (which should work with a number of Pro CAD apps) and I think also a .stl version, although I didn't check all of them to see if that was present.  The .stl will work very well for packages like 3DS Max or Blender, not sure about Sketchup but it may work.  The Inventor .stl exporter is very clean and results in good meshes, I used those versions for all the renders.  Naturally these are without materials as those were done in Blender Cycles.  I've tried uploading those before but they tend to break.  If you're a Cycles user and are interested in the materials, I'll happily share a node tree screenshot of any ones you like.  Click the titles to be taken to the download page. @ @ @
































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Bit of a Frankenstein's PC right now, just put things together with spares that I had lying around. Worked well enough, although having a reservoir around to help with bleeding would have been good.



Today I received the biggest pieces of the puzzle, thanks in no small part to Justin and the team at Parvum Systems.  They kindly went out of their way to get these parts machined quickly and accurately so that I might have a chance at finishing the build before i53.  I must say that they've done a marvelous job, the pieces look absolutely fantastic.  You may also notice that they're now sporting the new and improved block design which manages to cut the weight by approximately 55%, which is quite a big deal if you intend on carrying this thing anywhere.


I've also been playing around with my new studio setup (currently living in the dining room table, at least it can be quickly rolled up).  It's a :) of a lot of fun, although I've still got a long way to go.  Hopefully this will mean over time my photos will improve too :)  Next on the list are some soft boxes for the lighting and a vinyl backing (much prefer it to paper).







As a sort of thank you to everybody who's been following this build I decided to hold a small giveaway.  Up for grabs were an XSPC Raystorm CPU block and a Coolermaster Nepton 280l closed loop CPU cooler (kindly sent to me by Coolermaster EU).





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Before I take the old one apart, I figured that my previous photo didn't really show the damage properly.




All spic and span.







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So today I got all the mounts in for the hardware, along with cleaning out the inside of the waterblock in preparation for filling. I'll be working on the tubing tomorrow, along with maybe the wiring. Speaking of which, I had the rather unpleasant task of drilling a 22mm hole through the block so that I could add the on/off switch, was a little nerve wracking to say the least. Still, it went smoothly, the list of things left to do is slowly shrinking.












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Been working on the tubing, which I must admit took much longer than I expected.  I have a small graveyard of 90 degree bends that weren't quite right now, didn't want to have the faintest bit of kink in any of them.  Turns out the thin walled acrylic tubing kinks far more easily than the thicker stuff I used to use.


I also shortened the wiring on the pump itself, little job but it makes a bit difference to the overall look on the back.  Just a case of taking it apart, shortening, sleeving, drilling a larger hole and putting everything back in.  Swapped the molex connector too, the translucent one that comes with the pump simply had to go.


My fingers are a little numb from all the tightening, but things seem pretty solid.  Looking to get the remainder of the wiring and a leak test done over the next couple of days!
















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Armed with 2 gallons of distilled water, I decided to have a go at playing with the coolants.  To be honest, it sounds more exciting than it was as I found the coolant colour I wanted pretty fast.  It's very similar to sunset yellow, I would have picked that exact one up were it in stock.  Any more orange didn't look yellow enough, any less looked a bit anaemic.


You may also notice that I picked up some Aurora 2 concentrate.  Unfortunately it looks rubbish in the shade of yellow I'm looking to use, not nearly enough contrast.  It's great for deep colours like punchy blue, red, green or even black, but light yellow just looked like urine really.  I was about to take a photo for you but in an effort to darken it a bit, I added half a drop of red.  Well that took over making it a vivid orange, again, not very interesting photo wise there.  I'll probably use it in a future project, IMO Aurora can look damn fantastic in the right colour and setting.


She's all filled up now.  I'm really pleased without how easy this build is to fill and drain.  I'll go over the details of the systems in a big update in a few days.








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