Nepton 240m pump rpm

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I bought this pump for my fx-9590 cpu about a month ago. I maybe having a problem it now. When I first turn it on it will be 2870 or so maybe faster but then go to 2860ish and no it's 2850ish. When I play a game the speed will go down as the cpu gets hotter but will later go back up after I end the game. There is no ticking sound as others have mentioned or anything like that. my mobo is a crosshair v formula-z if that helps. The radiator is mounted at the top of my case.


Any help would be great.




Also I have cookies :)


I have not tried connecting it directly to the PSU yet because I don't have a 4 pin to molex. I do have a 3 pin extension and then could put a molex onto it if that would work. Bad part is I couldn't watch the rpm. Which there was a way to have it powered by PSU and still have it show rpm.

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Don't worry it's nothing the rpm Is a minor fluctuation bear in mind the pump isn't really revolving rpm, its drawing voltage which is then expressed as rpm.

Don't bother watching the pump rpm just run it on full.

How's your tempretures whilst gaming?

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