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Hi, after spending a day tinkering and looking at forums to no avail i post this here for your consideration,


Bought one of these for a build "Cooler Master Nepton 140XL 140*38mm Radiator 2 x 140 Jetflo FAN Liquid CPU Cooler"

Build Specs: AMD Fx- 6300,  ASRock 960GC-GS FX, Collermaster VS Series 550W


Installed releatively easy, Came to boot was working fine for a while, installed Speedfan and notice temp hitting 60+ on cpu, not even under heavy load, practically idle, any way redid the cpu seating using new thermal paste, boot up and starts crashing as temp hit 70 the termal shut off on these cpu,


Have disable any overclocking, quiet and cool anything else in bios i thought might help, Fans run load in push pull config, pipes are mainly cool to touch which is weird.


The only thing i can think it is pump isnt working as its dead silent and the bios is reporting its speed as n/a.


Any one got a view that can help, before i get a wise guy i have taken the plastic of the bottom of heat sink, i checked twice.


Haha just notice my screw up with topic title so if any one knows how to edit that ill be much appreciated.




Well this is getting stupid,

there a 50-50 chance that the system either boots and stays booted. Or a 50-50 chance the temp rise and the thermal cut out kicks in.


Goner Replace with a air cooler i think. Not impressed with closed loop coolers they dont seem to have got any better over the space of a year since i last came to the conclusion they dont work.

Any recomendation on a quiet air cooler out there?

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