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Storm Sirus 5.1 low pitch horrible quality

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I have the cm Storm Sirus and whenever i use the mixer and try to turn the sound quality to anything but surround it makes all the noise much lower pitch and buzz. It is completely unusable on 5.1 and I've been dealing with it and just using the surround but obviously i would like to use the full capability of this beautiful headset. I can use the 5.1 with the direct hook ups through the sound card this is only when i use the mixer, so normally i would just use that but i noticed that it doesn't let me use the software. also if i am the mic is much quieter and wont register being loud enough to trip the mic on alot of games so id like to be able to use the mixer and have the actual nice 5.1 surround if anyone can help. The quadraphonic also seems to work just not the 5.1. just found out the audio will cut out no matter what setting if i use 48 sample rate.

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Pclinde    197



  • Reinstall the software
  • Update your USB Drivers/BIOS
  • Try different USB ports (USB 2.0/3.0)

Cheers, Pim

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