HAF XB stacker edition

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Streetguru    0

Would it be possible to get a HAF XB for the stacker series of cases? Possibly with enough space on top to mount 2 915s? It would be useful to store drives/water cooling in a space that doesn't take up as much vertical head room as something like a 935.


Or just make a HAF XB update in general. Thanks.

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LJM61    0



Two sizes of "Shallow & Deep CROWN" Cabinets: Shallow for vertical exhaust that allows a push\pull configuration all housed in the crown and not in the lower cabinet.

And a Deeper Crown to allow Lateral exhaust on one or both sides with 140mm fans mounts pulling air in front and back..

A Pedestal  cabinet would be grand too! Either by connecting two HAF STACKER Bases side by side and place the XB on top.


The current XB is nice, but in an updated version, you could separate the upper and lower halves into two separate adjoining cabinets and still adapt the existing XB as an optional dual depth cabinet.


MODULARITY BABY!!!! That's the way to go.

Think of it as the HAF STACKER EVO taken to it's logical EVOLUTION!!! 


With the gaining weight of video cards, and multi GPU systems, and the expansion into multi water cooling systems, the "FLAT" motherboard placement needs to be addressed. ALL first generation desk top cases were flat and square. 

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