Bili Piton

Nepton 240M Higher Temps than Hyper 412s

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Bili Piton    1

I've recently replaced CPU air cooler (Hyper 412s) with Nepton 240M, and to my suprise temps are now worse. I'm running I7-3930K @3.8 GHz, and with 412s idle temps were ~23 °C which is ~3°C lower compared to Nepton 240M.  Are these temps normal for 240M? I've never had a water cooling before, so all advices are welcome.

Airflow HAF 922, 412s

Airflow HAF 922, 240M

HAF 922, Nepton 240M


HAF 922


Images of airflow before and now. Some people advise on using radiator fans as an intake, but that doesn't make much sense to me since the hotter air is always going up and it's blowing hot air form radiator back into the CPU


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Sunday Morning    177

Hi Bili

Dang you nepton looking great

But U cn try this tips probably is useful for u.

Try reseat and repump your pump check your cable or wire make sure is correct and try loose alittle bit the screw.

good luck

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