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CM policy on watercooling faults

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I really want to buy a closed loop system for my cpu but having never used water cooling before I'm a bit skeptical. If my cooling system where to have a leak and short out and destroy something on my system what is CM policy. Would they replace the blown parts if the Cooler is under its warranty period like I've heard corsair does or would it just be my bad luck and they just replace the cooler? 

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PAK    4

Thought id add this for any one else needing answers to this question as it was one of my concerns too.


"The few times I have heard of them leaking, due to no actual fault of the user, Corsair has replaced everything that was damaged. I think if you search here you will find one or two stories of this happening. I have not heard of such stories from other companies. To the actual question, very low chance."


Not my words from:

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Pclinde    197



If this happens, we will ask the customer to provide us the water cooler and damaged parts. We will research the water cooler and damaged hardware, if leaking is the actual fault we will replace everything that was damaged.


Cheers, Pim

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