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Nepton 240m rattling and cannot change rpms?

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I read several posts on this forum on a rattling 240m pump.


Unfortunately after a week of use, mine started to rattle as well. What strikes me as odd is that the pump is running at max rpms all the time (2800 rpm), and that I cannot change the speed no matter where I plug the pump connector in. I read in a few posts that it should run comfortably at 1400 rpm... i tried ... but it wont run slower.


Any clue's? Should I return it/Xchange it for a new one?


Thanks... Ben.

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Sunday Morning    174

Hi Ben



im not expert on cooling system


u can adjust your bios ..try set in default or etc?


and can we know your spec ?


how about your connection and plug ?


try recheck and reseat you radiator and make sure do it with correctly


try check


hopely this tips can help you out

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