New V8 GTS very loud. IS it normal??

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Andrei    0

Hello everybody. I'm new here, this is my first topic.

I just started a couple of weeks ago to build piece by piece a brand new gaming pc. Got the case (NZXT H440), CPU (i5 4690k), Motherboard (Asus maximus VII ranger) and the CM V8 GTS. Yesterday my PSU arrived (EVGA SN750W G2) and i decided to give it a shot to see if everything works. And it does... But the V8 GTS is pretty loud and i wasn' expecting that. Now i got some questions :


- Will it always be like that on idle or it will get better when i install the Windows??

- Does the fans run by default on max rotation??

- If it does can i lower it in bios when i get the monitor?

I have it connected to the motherboard not a fan controller or something.


Sorry for my english is not very good and thnx in advance. Hope we can figure this out.


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world    84

The speed of the fans is determined by your motherboard, since you have it plugged into the mobo. If your motherboard has the fan speeds set to max by default, the V8 GTS fans will run at max speed by default.


I would recommend using the BIOS to control the fan speed. Some motherboards come with fan control software, but I am a fan of setting it in BIOS anyways :P

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