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CM690 III - Vibration Noise

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Todd Lucas    0

I have the 690 II Advanced and have had this same vibration issue for over a year now.  I have 5 SSD's and 2 HDD's, but my HDD's are in the bottom cage and using the rubber install posts, plus I added some vibration absorbing material and STILL get a bad vibration noise.


I push the case a little, it goes away.  I put a small piece of folded paper under one of the feet, it lessened. Removed the HDD's, and it still sounds the same. I have even gone so far as to remove the side AND front panel, but the noise is still there.  The only other moving parts at that point are the two Corsair SP120 Silent Edition fans I have on my CPU Cooler (CM Hyper 212), the fans on my MSI GTX 970 (when they bother to turn on), and the fan on my PSU.


I'm about to throw this case out the window.  I really only get on it later at night when my wife goes to sleep and I do some late night gaming, but even from down the hall she can still hear the vibration noise.   And if it can be heard from 50 feet away through a nearly closed door in another room....you know it is an issue that needs to be addressed.


Looks like my next case might have to be a Fractal Design Define S or a Be Quiet! Silent Base 600 at this point.

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