Is the V10 still a good heatsink?

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Hello Cooler Masters!


Back in 2011, I built a computer that I'm working on replacing.  I still want to use my HAF X case because its still an amazing case.  I also have my V10, which is an absolute beast in any case.


My question is, with new equipment on the market and the V10 being discontinued, should I look at purchasing a new heatsink for my build, or is the V10 still strong enough to simply dust off and reuse?


Thanks for any advice!

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What CPU did you have it on previously and what kind of load temps did you have? 


Also I just read a review and I do not believe it will work on a 1150/z97 motherboard, Plus with all the new really good AIO cooling solutions that have been released since 2009 I just do not think it is worth it to burn a extra 70 watts on the TEC that is integrated into the CM V10. Also I have no Idea how reliable they are......Cool Idea when it came out but If it was a good one they would be still making it.


Get a Cooler Master nepton 140xl or 280, I have a 140xl on my 2600k and it does a fantastic job of cooling...whatever you plan on getting please let me know and I will be able to point you in the right direction. Especially since you are using the HAFx again, this way we can see what will mount correctly in your case. I think the 140xl will fit on the rear IO 140mm fan slot. I am using a HAF922 case and I had to mount one of the 140mm fans externally on the top of the case. Its a Big Cooler :)

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