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This is my old pump that I have used for my watercooling prevusly only for cooling my CPU
It is an Enhim with a lift of 1,95m 1200l/h more than enogth to use for a CPU. this time I will use it for the GPU and another for the CPU.
the one for the CPU is one that i got as a bargin second hand in my town at 100 DKK. it came together with a fishtank, 1 other pump, a plastic plant, a heating 55W element, cleening tools and other parts. I sold the heeting element for 85DKK so the rest was cloce to free.   

IMG 4309

the "new" pump that came with the fishtank

IMG 4120


one of the radiators. A 4 fan EK 30 mm thick this only fits in the front of the case. I got this one together with a nother one, a 3 fan 50 mm that I will fit on the top of the case.


Rad 4 fans


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mortenpg    8

I have mounted a thin sheet of filter, normaly used for a cooking fan. i got this once I was in Japan at 100yen ~ 6 DKK



I have made a cardbord cut out for mounting the fan at the inside of the case.


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mortenpg    8
Scrap metal from the case

20150228 103542

Fans from the draw to fit the case. they all go on the inside to make the air flow be pushed out og the case.

4 fans back

4 fans

case front Fan mounted

1 front Fan

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