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Buckroger    13

last minute update  :P .


A special thanks to Mandy & DeepCool for sponsor me a nice cool fan & fan filters. 






:wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:




17264748266_2d37cbdfe5_c.jpg   17290724565_47929cec4d_c.jpg





Its a GS120  fan from deepcool with 20mm thickness allows for more space inside your case. eventho tts short of 5mm. compare to the regular fan in the market. i does produce good air flow at 61.93cfm. With a 4-pin PWM connector, GS120 is able to lower down the fan speed when the system is getting idle. That means noise level can be adjusted. Anyhow, this fan is considered silent with 18.2~32.4dB.

The fan cable is made of PTFE(Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene), which withstands high temperature and heavy duty usage to ensure a long lifespan
Two pieces of rubber cable ties are attached to route the fan cable to make everything in place & looks nice too..







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Buckroger    13

also deepcool has provide me a fan filter A120 to keep the dust away from the radiator.



& 2pcs of xfan 80 a 80mm fan for an exhaust fan.





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Buckroger    13

i guess we have come to the end. Mission accomplish  :)















Special Thanks to Cooler Master for giving us a platform to show our/modders project & Deepcool for the sponsorship.
Title of the project is RIKI, im choosing this name after one of DOTA character. He is small, simple,  ability to disappear, but very sharp & intelligent.
The concept idea on this project is very much on saving space, simple, practical and yet interesting. This project is more to reflect simple mod that able to change the whole perspective of regular table. Something that everyone have (Study table) at home and how to make the study table more spacious & eyes catching. 
Even tho, it was a simple, doesn't mean its not a powerful machine.
The PC is equipped with AMD FX8350 cooled by Kyros XT water block, Asus Crosshair V Formula, ATI HD7970 3gb, 2 x 160gb SSD, 16gb DDR3 1600mhz & Powerful PSU Cooler Master Gold Silent Pro Gold 800watt.


ceSH6oc1n6M.jpg  Logo.jpg

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