Caged Heart Project

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Time to add a little more realisim to the heart, I am going to make some fake veins to filled with coolant to give the allusion of a real heart.


Regular tubing with the ends melted to hold in the liquid.


Time to inject the blood.


Finished product with the veins in.


Time to do a pre post test before putting cooling blocks on.


It posts!


Sexy Coolermaster fans, I must say the mounting on these fans with the rubber shroud is super nice, can't say I've used fans I have enjoyed more.


GPU waterblock time.


All on looks good.


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Starting to put everything together to test fittings, rear IO is looking sexy.


Couldn't resist, had to put the heart in to see what it looks like.


Jesus I hate to do this, but the 24pin extensions where just too big, I don't have much room on the bottom of the case, things need to be shortened significantly; RIP my fingertips.


CPU block on, sexy Crucial Ballistix Ram.


Stuff is actually fitting, love when all the 3D setup and designs beforehand pay off.


Getting ready to bend rigid tubing, I am a poor modder so I am going to using regular tubing below the cover where you can't see it, no need for a fitting when you can affix it like this.


Bends are looking good, believe it or not this is my first time bending rigid tubing.


Starting to look really clean.


Putting the heart in, and running the last tube up through the heart.


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Time for leak test; and I will sure know if I have one with red coolant and white paper towels.


So I didn't exactly think the loop out correctly when I planed it, I had a really hard time getting air of the loop, bleeding and running the loop for 48 hours straight got rid of most of the bubbles.



Custom wiring SATA power, tolerances are so tight I ended up having to switch between 180 and 90 degree Sata connecitons.


12v air vacuum to pump the heart, and a 12v relay since the arduino controller can't handle that voltage.


Not the exact arduino I used, but I forgot to take a picture of the Uno before I installed it, so this will do.


I am a fan of having computer cases that look sexy from every angle.


Had to test the lights right off the bat.


Can't believe everything fits, time to test the heart next.


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And it beats!!!! Currently the heart is beating at a set rate, I have the arduino setup to where it can take CPU usage and increase the rate of the heart, the code is a little flakey at this time, needs some more work; still looks sick none the less.


I will let the pictures speak for themselves, be sure to check out the video Crucial put together for me (at the bottom); working at Crucial Memory has it's perks, wouldn't rather work anywhere else.


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Please check out a video Crucial was nice enough to throw together for me

I must say it was quite the journey. I always love to try something new with every mod and this was no exception. I am really excited to see what I can do with this idea in the future in a 2.0 Caged the heart, maybe a morph of heart and beerkeg computer?

I showed my computer off at PDXLAN Party back in February where it got lots of attention, I finished it just in time for the event with only a few days to spare. For those of you who don't know PDXLAN is the meca for computer modders, people like: DarthBeavis, Brian Carter, Rod Rosenberg bring their A game, and if you want to learn from the best you go to this LAN. Lots of great Mods and people at PDX, if you ever get the time it's worth making it out.

I can't stress how much of a help my girlfriend Tara was in this project, between enduring my use of the kitchen oven, picking me up parts, making dinner, moral support; not that many people can endure a modder as a partner.

Thanks to Crucial memory for being my one an only sponsor. Working tech support at Crucial for going on two years has been a blast, wouldn't rather be anywhere else; thanks to Sam, Jon, Jeremy and the rest of the Crew! One can not forget to thank Coolermaster for throwing this event on, not that many people are willing to support modders to the extent you guys do, that means lots to me and others.

I hope you enjoy my work, it's a labor of love, a money pit, an art, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am not as active as I would like to be on the modding front, but if I find the time and money in the future I plan to do some more work. If you ever have questions I am always free to respond, and add me on facebook, I enjoy having modder friends, or anyone who just likes to see what I work on.


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