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Joshua Kim    1

Project Fraxinus


-inspired from the anime Date A Live, The Airship Fraxinus



-The Mission


The concept of this RIG is to Build/Mod PC Cases without spending too much on parts.


The name “Fraxinus†came from the anime Date A Live, the Airship Fraxinus


With parts available at my home, i aim to build a Compact and a Quality PC Case without spending too much on the parts.


Aside from building a Compact and a Quality PC Case, i aim to promote PC Case Modding and share the passion of Case modding Here on General Santos City as most of the people here who owns a computer does not know what can they do with their cases, And whenever there is an RIG Events here, the participants are mostly from other Cities with their custom cases.


And most people say that Case modding cost much, yes it does, but let's think out of the box here, aside from buying premium things (cases, pipes and stuff) why don't we try using things from our garage? Or even things in the junkshop?


The Goal is to Build A Compact And A Quality case without spending too much


with that in mind, the water cooling parts that i'll use on my project might surprise you.



To Expect at the end of the project

  •  Watercooling with things from garage
  •  Frankenstein PC
  •  Poor Man's Rig
  •  Custom Water Reservoir
  •  Custom Waterblock (TBC)
  • A/C Condenser as the Water Radiator
  • Video Worklog maybe? :D


Hardware Specs


  • Processor: TBA
  • Motherboard : TBA
  • PSU: TBA
  • Casing : Generic Casing (got a backup casing just in case)
  • Water Pump : Fuel Pump from Mitsubishi Pajero

The Plan

  • Drill Hole for a Power Switch (RS Part number 436-913)
  • Custom Back I/O
  • Custom Cut Case For an A/C Condenser ( Yes A/C condenser as a radiator!)
  • Custom Cut Fan Grills
  • Custom Case Feets
  • Custom Front Panel And Cutting for Front Fan Grills
  • Repaint Whole Case
  • Probably Plasti-Dip Motherboard
  • Repaint the whole Case
  • TBA :D

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Joshua Kim    1

UPDATE [03-09-15 PH]


Almost a month since the last update lol. have been busy for awhile

Semi-Custom LED Lights for fan controller, Blue -> Red










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Joshua Kim    1

Hey! Good stuff there! But I have a question, are you "Modding" an existing case? 

Thanks! and Yes, actually it is an Generic case, although right now i am planning to make a case from "scratch".

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