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Welcome to Project X!

First off, I'd like to thanks the main sponsors of this project.
Thanks to Vincent & Roger at Bitspower which is the reason this project is made possible.
Thanks to Richard helping me out doing the renders, check his website out for more.
Thanks to Mundi for the awesome cables and lightning that's going into the bench.
The main bench is made out of 3mm powder coated aluminium, 5mm clear plexi in the middle with channels for lightling, 3mm powder coated aluminium on the back, where the PSU, pump, res will be installed. The radiators will be installed on the feets we're currently making.
The design is for ATX, and in the bottom of the bench we'll be placing 2 SSD's. 
The small holes is for the wires to come through to the motherboard (24pin, 8pin, 6pin(OC)) still working on the PCI-E cables.
Here are the latest renders of the bench, we're still working on how the feets should be mounted.
We'll be using Cooler Master V850 as the PSU.
Usefull links:
To be countied very soon! :thumb:



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