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STATUS: Withdrawn
Unfortunately I don't have enough Novec 7000 to complete the project at the moment.
I ordered a bottle back in January, it arrived the week of the 27th April after many delays. Not enough time to complete.
The Project:
This is a full immersion cooling project. An acrylic tank will contain a high end gaming system immersed in coolant. 
The coolant will boil, removing heat from the system, the vapour will then be condensed back into liquid using a custom water cooling system.
To give an idea what that looks like here are some prototypes, note the bubbles and drips! The final thing will be fully immersed.




System monitoring, cooling and lighting will be control by an Arduino Micro. LED lighting will provide feedback on system state by changing colour/pattern.
CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K
MB: Asus Maximus VII Gene
PSU: XFX Pro Black Edition 850W
RAM: 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair DDR3 Vengeance Pro Series Silver
SSD: 512GB Crucial M550 M.2 Oops that is SATA not PCIe, replaced by an XP941
- Liquid: Novec 7000
- Heatsinks: Custom copper blocks withs Boiling Enhancement Coating
- Fans: 4 x 120mm FP120 PWM Edition Fan by Cooler Master
- Radiator: 2 x EK-CoolStream PE 240
- Condenser: EK-CoolStream RAD XT 240
Case: Custom Acrylic Tank
Monitoring: Arduino Micro
Lighting: LED strip
A crude sketch:



Some pictures of components to get the ball rolling:











IMG 0314





This is my second attempt at a Novec PC, the first got as far as the prototype. It worked but also told me I was doing it wrong so scrapped that one and started a complete redesign late last year.

About me:
Works in IT security
Amateur DIY/engineer (I owns some tools, I know how to use many of them!)
First PC: IBM 8086
First Overclock: PII 450Mhz > 550Mhz

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Fizzz    0

So yes as I said at the top the main ingredient didn't arrive in time but I'll stick some unedited pictures in for those interested.


While I know a great deal about PC software and hardware I'm not an engineer so have learnt many things by jumping in at the deep end (Including some of the limits of acrylic), I encourage people to try it! 


Next step for me will be to go away, learn some metalwork and come up with my third design.



IMG 0393

IMG 0394

IMG 0396

IMG 0397

IMG 0399

IMG 0401

IMG 0402

IMG 0403

IMG 0411

IMG 0414

IMG 0433

IMG 0435

IMG 0437

IMG 0438

IMG 0444

IMG 0445

Ugly exposed wires eventually got covered up with Sugru (thing plasticine that sets like rubber).

IMG 0446

IMG 0447

IMG 0448

IMG 0451

This is a hinge made from 90 degree fittings. To my amazement it both works as I imagined and doesn't leek!

IMG 0452

IMG 0453

IMG 0455

 Wait what? A balloon? It's sealed system with a liquid turning into a gas. I wasn't sure how much pressure this would causes so rather than a containment failure the balloon will inflate instead.

IMG 0456

IMG 0460

IMG 0461

IMG 0462

IMG 0463

IMG 0464

Found a leak.

IMG 0466


IMG 0467

 Fixed a leak.

IMG 0470

IMG 0471

IMG 0474

IMG 0475

IMG 0476

IMG 0479

IMG 0481

IMG 0482

IMG 0484

IMG 0485

Img 0486 17221503715 O

The liquid I had barely covers the CPU, just enough for a test.

Img 0491 17014082777 O

63 C despite no heat-sink and not enough liquid!

IMG 0497


A poorly shot video:


Good luck to all those who finished on time! :D

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