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This is a build that we have started in order to replace an in-home-server room. Its' main purpose will be to process and analyze big data across multiple platforms and operating systems simultaneously. The parts that we have currently bought so far and know that we will be using are as follows:
Intel Core-i7 5960X
Asus X99-E WS
64GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 memory
EVGA SuperNova G2 1600W PSU
MSI Reference GTX 980
2x Intel Xeon Phi 31S1P coprocessors
We will be ordering another 980 ASAP, and the entire thing will be watercooled using EK waterblocks. There are no readily available Xeon Phi waterblocks, so I will be designing them in SolidWorks. Once that is complete, we will send them off to be CNC milled, and mated with acrylic top pieces to match the look of the 980 cards as closely as possible. We will eventually be using hardline acrylic tubing also. We have no real set theme yet, though the design idea is quite far along in development. Pictures of what we have so far will be uploaded either later tonight or tomorrow depending on when I get around to it.
There are only 2 people working on this build, but I don't really feel comfortable posting our names publicly. All I guess you need to know is that I (Keuthonymous) will be the only on posting on here.
We will be updating this worklog every other day depending on when we actually work on the machine.
Thank you for checking us out, and check back soon for more information. 
So I'm finally getting around to uploading some pictures of the machine so far. So far we have only built it with one GTX980 on a test bench just to test that all the components so far work, and then to also test the waterblocks. I'm working on overclocking it now, though I'm having problems with the ASUS X99-E WS BIOS where it won't allow me to change the core voltage, so right now we're stuck at 3.9GHz until I can figure out what I'm doing wrong. It's probably something really small that I'm just not seeing, but I haven't had a good night's sleep in a couple days now, so little things like that are bound to happen. Either way, for what we're using the system for, overclocking isn't really all that necessary..... but if we can do it, then why not do it?


Also, a side note is that the Crucial RAM kit in the system now is not the final kit. We got tired of waiting for the Corsair Vengeance Kit to show up, so we went out and got 16GB just to test and see if the system works, which it does.






Well we managed to get a render of the housing that we plan to use. This is only a sneak peak, so to speak..... that rhymed. Anyways I don't want to give away too much, this will be an interesting build, I promise.


test render

11/02/2015 (much later in the day)
We needed to start testing OS compatibility with our Xeon Phi 31S1P coprocessors, but we don't have any actual Intel made coolers so I had to make one out of cardboard and a 120mm fan.... I guess it works, not really the prettiest thing, but I'm designing waterblocks for them so we won't have this problem in the final build. Here's some pictures of my craftsmanship anyways.




We also needed a Linux distro to test the Xeons, so we're working on installing and configuring CentOS 7 right now. That's pretty much all for today.






We FINALLY got the RAM in the mail. 64GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM.... My my, what a satisfying sight to see. Since that RAM pretty much cost more than my entire personal rig combined, it was rather nice to see. So the rest of you could also share in my amazement, I took some pictures, which you can see below.






That's all for today. We're still working on drawing up the actual case and managing software, but I want to wait to share those until we have more finalized designs.


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