Sleeks Military Build 1.0

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About me I am fresh out of the Army after doing a 6 year contract and now I am going to school to be an electrical engineer

I started building computers in 2014 as kinda a hobby and got addicted to it. I wanted to do something different this time besides just buying parts and slapping them into a case and calling it good, so I took on a military build.


The parts I used are as Followed:


Intel Core i5 4690K Processor


Asus Z87 Sabortooth Motherboard 


Corsair Spec 3 Case (black with white LED's)


Evga 600W Bronze Power Supply 


Zotec AMP Omega GTX 970 


Corsair H80i with Noctua 120mm Fans


Silverstone Sleeved extensions 


Asus CD/DVD RW drive


and custom LED strip 



The Build ......




I started off with a blank budget Corsair case just in case this went south.



Then I  started off painting It white to prime the body. At this point I didn't entirely have a direction I was going on the build. I was thinking of leaving it white and doing an all white build but I decided in the end to go with what I know.

So I ended up painting it tan.






After I painted it tan and got all the parts put back together I noticed that the pain was a bit tacky still and there were some imperfections


that I didn't care for so I took the case back apart and went back to Home Depot for more paint.


I came back with this




I wanted a more rugged feel to the case and I didn't really like the plain tan look in the first place , so I ened up with a sand textured paint that really make the case feel strong and it also gives the paint some depth.




After Painting the case for the 4th or 5th time I added a light clear coat to prevent any peeling and then re-assembled the case.




After I got the case back together I started to add all the parts. Then I got to looking at the system and I thought that it was missing something at the bottom to hide all the cables.  So I posted to LTT form for ideas and wasnt really getting anything that I liked. So I poked around the internet and BAM!! it hit me, AMMO CAN. So I started looking and found a small enough one that I thought it would fit.




As soon as I got the ammo can in I noticed that it was not going to fit it was too tall and too wide 

so out with the hard drive cage. And fire up my Demel 400 that I purchased months ago and have never really used.

I ended up cutting off about 1.25 inches of the bottom of the can and an almost half of the back and side to finally get the box to fit.




After that I got everything wired up and working and placed the SSD under the handle of the ammo can and cut the HDD cage and mounted it to the back of the ammo can out of site. So here is the outcome of my first modded case.


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