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patrick tamayo

Haf Stacker Blaze Force Mod

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hi guys this year im going to build an orange PC using the cooler master Haf Stacker this is my first non-themed custom mod. the hardwares that ill be using are 


Case : Haf Stacker 


Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X SOC Force


PSU: Cooler Master V1200 Platinum 


GPU: Asus GTX970 Strix 


SSD/HARDDISK: Plextor M6 PRO / WD 1T and 500GB


MEMS: Corsair Dominator Platinum 16gb 1866


Cooler: Cooler Master Nepton 240 

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hi update i saw my CM 690 III motherboard tray and some flat metals that i used last year for my jordan pc so i cut them to make my custom motherboard tray 


20150202 180735


20150202 180750


20150202 180805


20150202 180837


20150202 180852


20150202 180857


thanks for viewing guys  :D  :D  :angry:  :D  :D

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The finish product i replace the bracket because of the wrong measurements haha  :D  and i used acetelyn instead of welding for more clean look  thank's to my friend for letting me use his shop and equipments haha 



20150219 182951


20150219 160619


20150219 160611


20150219 160605


20150219 233609


20150219 233613


20150219 233633


20150219 233639


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Update drill some holes for the rivets and i did some test fitting of the motherboard thank you Gigabyte for this awesome mobo!!!


20150305 182529


20150305 175625


20150305 180137


20150305 180143


20150305 191355


20150305 191428


20150305 191530


20150305 191547


20150305 191607


20150305 191612


more updates to come ill do some painting this week

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