Frank's Aquarium PC

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PC completely submerged in mineral oil, which is not conductive so the computer actually works. It has fancy features like a RGB LED strip, bubbling treasure chest, oil pumped to two radiators for cooling.


With regards to the competition. I don't even know if I qualify, and I don't really care, I just want to show off and get feedback.




youtube video (includes oil pour)



more pics










full blog post with engineering thoughts, details on components, and temperature readings

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brennanyama    0

Wow, this is really neat... Was thinking something along the lines of dressing up a giant reservoir to look like an aquarium, but this is way cooler.  Don't have much experience with mineral oil myself, so looking forward to following your build.  You should try to enter the competition, you just need a coolermaster part somewhere on the rig.  GL  B)

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