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Hi all,

A couple of updates on the status of the Node, nothing to crazy.  So I traveled to Portland, OR for PDXLAN 26.  Had a blast there, I entered the Node in the CPUMag Case mod competition, I took 5th place and was up against some very tough competition.  

After that I was off to Dallas TX for Quakecon 2015.  Again, I entered the Node into the Modders INC Scratch Build competition, unfortunately I didn't place in that competition at all.

A lot of people were very interested in the case and had a lot of good things to say.  I'm VERY happy with the reception of the case overall, makes all the time and effort worth it!

After both events I was informed I won Bit-tech's Mod of the month for June!

For those wondering about the status of the project, after Quakecon, I handed the case over to my buddy at Hexagon PC so he could do all the sleeving for the case.  Once it is done, he will be shipping the case back to me and I can start the rigid tubing for it.


I want to thank Hexagon PC for the sleeving, he does great work!


Thanks everyone!  Stay tuned for more!



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Soonâ„¢!!!!  This project will be finished VERY soon, like within the next week or so.  Real life has gotten in the way of me finishing this a quick update while I have time.  I am currently replacing the soft tubing with hard line and I had to replace the pump because it died....for some reason.





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