Project RED TIDE

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chitoz    6

so placed a angel bracket from the left side of the case to support the acrylic later on   so this took time coz i need balanced and right measurements but at the end the measurements was not the good lol . but still  it will work 



my hate of modding  MEASUREMENTS -.- 

so drilled placed it  and done ! 


and its done 


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chitoz    6

i placed my frame to the acrylic .


then traced it by pen  simple measurments haha 


i dont know if the red line is clear but dont tracing   :D


its getting late at night dont have dinner but still we must  push on . . .  


first cut for the lower side of the inner side of the case 


then this  happen   :mellow: so maybe ill be short of acrylic -.- then i dont have extra anymore then cant give acrylic extras to my friend who is asking so sorry for them 



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chitoz    6


i thought of you with love

today but that is nothing new

i thought about you

 yesterday and days

before that too .  


i think of you in silence

i often speak your name 

all i have are memories and 

your picture in a frame 


your memory is my keepsake 

with whitch i'll never part 

God has you in his keeping 

i have you in my heart   


rip to you . .  you serve me well . . .

- your owner  



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chitoz    6

can someone help me . some people here cant see the pictures that i just uploaded . they  can only see links idk why and idk how to fix this pls help

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