Brian Hinds

Ferrari-CM Build

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Parts       CPU                       GPU                         PSU                    COOLING                  STORAGE                   CASE                 RAM


                i7 4970K                 GTX 780             850 W                     Swiftech 220x              120GB M.2               CM-HAF XB     16GB RAM

                                          6GB GDDR5                                    Bitspower RAM block                                                                  2400MHZ

                                            Asus Strix                                    Bitspower 150 inline Res                                    

                                                                                              PrimoChill 1/2" Rigid Tube

                                                                                              Alphacool dual 120mm Rad

                                                                                       PrimoChill 1/2" OD Rigid Comp Fittings

                                                                                               GTX 780 EK Water block

                                                                                                    M6I EK Water block


MOTHERBOARD -> Maximus VII Impact Mini-ITX


LIGHT: RGB Color Led








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Brian Hinds    0


Item list



Using the cooler master haf xb evo atx case to make the theme build.

HAF XB Pic 02


The Ferrari engine the build will be theme at.

f430 engine


The labels for the tube res



UV Lamps

uv lamp

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I'm not sure if Brian will be back to post himself or not.  But I DO know that he was forced to DROP OUT of this years contest.  Due to School and Funds.  (I'm a classmate of his).  We are bother trying for our degree in Software Eng.  And Brian,  being a better programer then I,  has moved on to 2nd year, and I unfortunately failed out.  The bright side for me, was that it left me with Ample time to finish my build.  But trust me,   Brian has some Great plans for Next Years contest!   

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