'Calibre' by Sphinx Modding

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Sphinx818    6

Haha! That's awesome! I have been seeing A LOT of military themed case mods, but this one got my attention. I have a suggestion. Use dead land mines for the feet! XD


Looking forward for the finished build! And by the way, I just noticed, we have a common don't we? :P


Haha yeah! That sounds like a great idea and yeah we do, this mod will be for sale once it is finished by the way  :D

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Sphinx818    6

Hi all, I hope all the mods have been going well! :D Apologies for my extremely late update! I have been insanely busy with work and my studies I nearly didn't have time to finish Calibre, but luckily I have! And here it is!



Above is the processor for this beast.



Some testing going on... Nothing to see here  :ph34r:  :P



Initial boot up, and testing...



There's an interior shot of the mod... :D



Above is the wooden keyboard that goes with the Calibre mod.



Sorting out last minute adjustments to the lighting panel... 





ALL DONE!  :D I present the Calibre, by Sphinx Modding.  The one and only.




A big shout out and thanks to all of those who were involved, and for any and all help along the way. :D  ;)  :)





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