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AIO Cooler or Air Cooler?

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Stuart Lee    2

I have seen some builts with AIO cooler especially Nepton 240M which has glowing CM logo on the pump.


However, there's leakage of AIO coolers on internet, like damaging motherboard and GPU... which set me back to Air Cooler.

But i read that water cooling is superior and better.. but it has many drawbacks such as;


- Pump leakage

- coolant evaporate

- pump noise

- pump die overtime...

- fittings/tubings wears over time.


on the other hand, Air Coolers is just a fan and heatsink which is worry free about leakage of coolant..


i using Intel i5 Stock cooler and achieved 35c on below 10% cup usage on idle and 50c on 100% cpu usage.

i used X1 Thermal Paste on it.


But i'd like to use better coolers but worry free... which is air cooler. which do you suggest if you were to suggest?


Thanks! ^_^

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world    84

Any time there's water cooling, there's a chance of leakage, unfortunately. But the current water coolers on the market are pretty leak-resistant. The rate of incident is pretty low. Similarly, pumps could die over time as well, but usually they last pretty well for quite some time. 



For AIO coolers, there pretty much isn't any coolant evaporation, so you don't have to worry about that.


Pump noise is kind of like a fan. It depends on the AIO model, but my experience with the noise is that it's not TOO bad.


There definitely are some worries about water coolers, but for the most part, they work just fine, and they do have some benefits to the longevity of your system outside of just lowering temperatures. With large air coolers, there is a lot of strain on the motherboard which can warp it and/or damage it (especially if you have a really heavy air cooler). With an AIO unit, since only the pump/waterblock is mounted to the motherboard, the strain is pretty low. 

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