Seif Jackson

Octane Vs Devastator

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Hello guys, I just registered to these forums. I have a few questions to ask about these 2 combos.


Which one is more practical for gaming usage?

From the reviews I've seen on youtube people say that the Devastator combo is better for gaming?? I dont know how but thats the conclusion I've reached so I thought why not ask the folks on here


Do both have the same tactical feel of a mechanical keyboard?


Which one has brighter backlits?


Thanks for the time!!

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world    84

I don't have much experience with the two combos, but I'll try my best.


Both will likely perform well. They're both entry-level combos designed for gaming, so you probably can't go wrong with either! I think you should see which one works better for you ergonomically, especially for the mouse. If it is possible to somehow sample the two (in a store or something), I would recommend it.


The octane mouse has a higher DPI range, so if you need a higher DPI, you'll probably want to use that.


The octane seems to have many more color options, but I don't know which one is brighter, sorry!


For the feel of the keyboard, both keyboards are membrane, so most likely, neither will feel like a mechanical keyboard. 


Sorry I can't offer too much, but I hope my post at least helps!

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Pclinde    197

Hi Seif,


Both keyboards are designed for gaming. More users have experience with the Devastator, because the Octane is out for like 1 - 2 months. :)


The Octane feels more tactile. They've made some improvements. More color options (7), and some colors look brighter (especially yellow). 


Cheers, Pim

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