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Ali Abbas    34

Hi guys, here is my entry for the coolermaster casemod world series contest 2015 in the scratch build category.


Its called  THE 67th BRIGADE  and is all about those brave men, the fire fighters all over the world.


Even though not quite finished yet, it already has a front grill made of an old Chrome fruit basket, has side rods which depict the fir brigade slide poles, it has aside windows set off with self made fir Brigade shield or arms. it has a lot of red and gold leaf elements as well as Chrome, bronze, copper, silver and brass just like all the old fir Brigade engines had. It is liquid cooled and has a self made Hydrant in the front with which the PC can be turned on and off. I turned the liquid Reservoir back to front so as to make the pumps visible and changed them into the logo shields too. It has an analogue temperature Display in the front salvaged from an old heating system and an analogue brass one integrated into the liquid flow system inside the machine too.

I enhightened it all togather by making a red and gold leaf Podest upon which it stands and set that of with Chrome chains just like at the top too.

when completed it will also have sirens which sound as chassis intrusion alarms when opened and am still working on the back of it.

It will be powered by a Coolermaster PSU.

A lot is still to happen here so there is much much more to come.


so just click the images to get the whole album.



here are the first cuts




here you can see how the front grill was made



here i worked on the front and side poles



here i started working on the side shield of arms to set off the side windows



i then went on to work the scrap heating whatever it was into an on off switch hydrant eye catcher in the front



the next step was giving it more hight for the radiator at the top by changing it a lot, i made a new fan holder which has the radiator munderneath for two fans, when painted you wont even know it wasnt there. you can also see the start of making the feet higher.





more to come soon.

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Ali Abbas    34

Hi Ali. wrong category. Its a mod :-D

hi Henning, du hast zwar recht aber hier ist nur ein CM case ein casemod. die wollen es so.

so verstehe ich die regelung.

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Ali Abbas    34

hi guys, here is some more stuff. you can see the intestines being formed here.



here i am starting the gold leaf work which is basically just birthday sticker parts cut and pasted so that they give me the form i want. all on the typical red back ground and black lined they look great.




more internal work being done here



fan covers on top and the front motor changes




i really love these parts, was alot of work, the side windows shield of arms, with mini axes, horns and helmets.










more to come..

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Ali Abbas    34

You always bring the originality, looking good

thanks bill, and thanks for looking in.

Wie immer super mod Ali :)

danke danke, kenne ich dich, wer steckt hinter Exe....





so guys, i went along to stick all the liitle parts like the helmets, axes and horns together to make the shield of arm plaques for the side windows. i used brithday card stickers for the gold braiding and setting it off. again.




and this is the condition it is presently in, which is far from finished though. more to come as soosn as i start up again next week.


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