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leeeeeets continue this.....


ok, the last time we already prepared the bends of the rigid next we continued the work with a cover for the Radiator and its fans. 

So we tooked one of the prepared Grills and added a first stripe of plexiglas to one of its sides.....




after that we did the same with the other sides....except the one pointing towards the mainboard. That side was only closed partially, because we want to rout all the cables between radiator and motherboard so that they are not visible from the outside.




Then we finally mounted the LED Strips in their place so that we could close the bottom part of the case.....





Because we were already routing cables (with the LEDs) we decided to mount the next Cables for the Mainboard as well....




Beside that we also prepared the Cover for the Mainboard.....








The Mainboard Cover is nearly finished....only the front part is missing atm, because we had to measure where the rigid tubing runs through it, so that we could make the changes that are needed for that.....







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thechoozen    3
So, lets continue this.....


on the last update we already showed you the preparations for the last changes we have to make on the last shed of the mainboard cover. After preparing everything we cutted the parts away which we don´t need. But after that we had a big hole for just 2 tubes. So we had to close the big hole around the tubes. For that we prepared another small part, drilled holes in both and tapped them so that we can attach the small part to the big.

That way we can take the mainboard cover away without opening the watercooling loop.....





After preparing those 2 parts we had to measure where the tubes exactly pass through the plexiglas so that we can drill holes for them.....


We also made some progress on the internal wire management......




Then we still have a big hole left .....the one under the mainboard....where you could see the HDD....thats because of the size of the HDD ....its just thicker than the case we have to give it an extra millimeter so that we won´t get any problems. We knew that from the start, but in our plannings we just wanted to use a simple square piece of plexiglas for that. But in the building and programming process of the Arduino we decided to add an additional mini usb plug, a switch for the whole LED lights, and a push button to controll the LED animations.  And that small cover under the mainboard seems quite perfect for it...because in that way...the buttons and plugs are nearly invisible but still accessible ......











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thechoozen    3
We´re nearing the completion of this project......yesterday we already made that promised video from the LED animations we will finally use on this the moment there are still a few LEDs missing....but on those spots were they will be placed, we will use normal no need for an integration in the arduino program.



Beside that we continued the work on this project.....


At first we switched back to the backside of the case. We still needed to integrate a mounting system for the we took a few measurements so that we could prepare a small plexiglasblock so that it fits inside the Slot on the backside. Then we drilled a few holes and tapped them so that we can screw the GPU to them....after that we mounted that small block on the backplate.....




We also closed the opening for the next expansion the moment it isn´t we don´t want to leave that big hole .....if we want to mount another card in that slot we can open it .....




we also prepared a few pieces just for the decoration of the backside....later we will add a few LEDs so that we have light on the ports when we need it....







At least we started to build a small mounting for the Reservoir. Naturally we could mount it directly to the sidewall.....but then it will be more complicate to disassemble the Watercooling Loop/System. So we decided to mount the Reservoir on an extra block. That way we can take the reservoir away and open the loop without any problems.....






i think we will complete the build in the next days....only some small parts and details are missing at the moment.


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thechoozen    3
close to the finish line......


in the last days i spent the most time with the final assembly of all parts.....but everytime i make something...i also see something what i have to´s always the same....


The first little thing we had to do......attach the reservoir mounting parts to the reservoir and the Radiator Cover....






The next little thing.....the mainboard is mounted in a way that the SATA Ports are covered by the Radiator Grill......but due to that....we have a small edge of the mainboard which is looking through the mainboard cover (the Top Corner)... So we had to cover that little spot as well....


So we prepared a few plexiglas pieces from junk parts we had laying aroung, glued them together, sanded and polished them....after that we attached that piece to the mainobard cover....





After that we turned to the next little detail.....around the mainboard there is not much we need a few more LEDs there.....


So we started with a few plexiglas parts which had to be cut out....and glued together.....After that we drilled a few holes for the LEDs and the mounting of that part, so that we can attach it to the inside of the mainboard cover.

Later it will double its will also act as a small cover for the 24 Pin ATX Plug....which will be hide through the LED Spot.






The next part we made, was a cover for all the cables which had to be plugged into the PSU.

Like you can imagine we don´t want to leave those cables and plugs we made a small cover from a few plexiglas rests, later it can be screwed to the bottom plate.





Then we turned to the LEDs again...we already prepared the first spot....but at the moment we can´t provide power to them....because they are attached to the mainboard cover...and that part is we had to find an easy solution to transfer the power to the LEDs. Naturally we could have used a normal molex solution. But we don´t want to remove the plug by hand when we remove the mainboardcover....

So we had to find another way......and we find it....with a bit of recycling....on our hardware junkyard we had an old macbook laying´s magnetical connector was really perfect for out we disassembled it and started to prepare everthing to use it for our LED / Power problem.....




Like you can imagine....we won´t use the parts alone....a small housing has to be build.....





and there we will mount it......




another small will mount the molex plug from the pump to the bottom plate...






and there we will mount it....



So, thats all for now....i bet we will find a few more little things were we can spent a lot of time....but i can promise.....we will finish it in the next days......







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thechoozen    3

last day of the contest.....


seems like it´s time for some final pics.....and here they are  :)

but it´s only a first set of pictures....i will make more with better lighting....
















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