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Once again it´s time for the CM Modding Competition, so we wanted to join, like every year  :)


In the last years we built a lot of systems but only a handful were built for our personal use.

And this will be one of the handful :D


It´s planned to be used as my personal CAD/Video Editing/ Gaming System so one of the requirements  is: It should get nice hardware with a decent custom watercooling loop.

It will be build completely out of Plexiglas in a black / red color scheme.


The complete design of this build aims to the position in which the build will be placed when it´s done. It will be placed on a cabinet in a corner to another cabinet beside it´s TFT so it´s a really closed space which brings a lot of restrictions which we have to deal with.



And now let´s Start with a quick rendering which i made to show my idea to my brother and a few other people, so it´s not really detailed and a lot of stuff is missing, but you can get an imagination in which direction this build is orientated.





And like you could imagine we already ordered a lot of black plexiglas so that we could start to cut out the first layers of the base....




And after a few hours of work we got this...... (already the most parts which will be used to build the bottom part of the case...)







as next we´re going to cut out the next parts which are needed to build the upstanding part of the system which will hold the hardware....

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thechoozen    3
Maybe some of you asked yourself why so many layers instead of only a few thicker ones, that had a simple reason, the material is a bit cheaper and a second reason was that i could integrate cable channels and openings for LEDs.


After we started with all that parts for the bottom of the case, we decided to continue with the big parts for the upstanding "side" because we had to wait for the uv red plexi to be delivered....







In that upstanding part we will integrate mountings for 2 SSD and a normal 3,5" HDD, beside that there will be a bit of space unused so that it could be upgraded in the future....


After finishing the work on the black plexi parts, the red plexi finally arrives so that we could switch back to the bottom of the case and cut out the Red Layer for it,after that we also cut out the part for the upstanding part of the case.....





As next we´re going to make a few changes on all bottom layers, but before we could do this we first want to try/measure if our plannings were correct....



Beside the work on the Base of the Case we also started to work on the Reservoir for the watercooling loop. It will also be made of red/black we had to cut out a few parts first....






as next all those parts had to be polished and after that we are going to glue them all together..... :)

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thechoozen    3
Before we continue, we wanted  to send out another big Thank you to Asus, Coolermaster, Aquatuning and Adata for their support!

In the last days a few packages arrived, so that the most of the needed parts are already here ...(only a few are missing at the moment)







(But the majority of the Watercooling parts are dedicated to another project we´re working on)



Beside that we also continued the work on the Case....better to say on the reservoir....

first we glued the prepared parts together.....and after a short drying period we sanded everything so that we get a smooth bottom and top surface were we could mount our watercooling plugs....






In the drying period of the reservoir we switched over to the upstanding part of the case...

First we had to clean all parts, so that we could fix them on each other in their final position (glued on with adh. tape), then we glued everything together with a lot of Acryfix....)






And after the glue was dryed, we tested in which position we´re going to moutn the LED Strip inside the case, so that we could cut the last "channels" for them.....




As next we´re doing the same with the bottom plate, so that we could cut all channels at the same time....

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thechoozen    3
last time we prepared the upstanding part so that we could route in a channel for the digital LED the next thing was to continue these preparations on the bottom part.....








Like you can see....there will be a small stripe of red plexi which will not be covered by the last layer of black plexi....thats because on thise stripe we will place the upstanding part...


As next we prepared a few smaller details like the parts for the power button....





And then we made a first test with both parts together....


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thechoozen    3

thanks a lot m8!


We already prepared the most of the Water cooling Reservoir, there were only 2 pieces missing....the most important....the outer we cutted them out from a sheet of clear Plexiglas
after that we glued them to the rest of the reservoir, so that we could start sanding the edges after everything has dryed....
and when the sanding & polishing process is done...the reservoir will be completed......
Beside that we also started to work on a matching Pump Top for the Laing Pump which will be used in this build. But in the first attempt i made a mistake while taking all the measurements which was needed so the first version we made was a bit too small....
here is a picture of the first try....
After we recognized that there was an error, we directly started to make a new version, this time in the correct dimensions....
So we started with a lot of red and black plexi squares again.....they had to be cut out....organized in the correct order and then they will be glued together so that we get a massive plexiglas block
And with that striped block we could start the routing process again......

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thechoozen    3

thanks a lot!!


Yeah it´s a self build CNC Router, we build it a couple of years ago  :)


small update :)
we installed and tested the digital rgb strip.....the patterns are more ore less random....(one is upside down) later we will install a few patterns from which you could choose which style of lightning effects you want...

and for the cnc enthusiasts.... a short video of the routing process from one of the radgrills....(just a short clip - then the camera battery had to be recharged.....)

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thechoozen    3
Small update:



But before i start, i wanted to send another big thank you to Asus !  Because my new GPU has arrived today!!! 





After preparing the main body of this build, we continued with some small plexiglas stripes, which had to be cut out....



Then we took those stripes and glued them around the edges on top of the edges of the black layers....that way we get a smooth and even surface with the other 2 Layers which are a few mm bigger than the rest ...





After the Glue has dried we started the sanding process for the newly created edges....




and last but not least we put the PSU in Place to see if our rips will fit around it....




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thechoozen    3

leeeeets continue this....



After prefitting the rips on the Hardware Side we continued our work on the other side of the case and finished the polishing process, beside that we also mounted the backside of the case so that we could take the last measurements....




With that last measurements we drilled the holes for the Mainboard, tapped them and mounted the Mainboard for the first time.....(we waited up to now, because we wanted to make sure that we could react on changes)





After that, we switched back to the right side of the case....but a short explaination first......


You might have recognized that our Radiator is a bit smaller than the spot in which we mount it.....we´ve made it that way....because we wanted to keep the system upgradeable.....

Which means that we´re now going to mount a 2x120mm Radiator in it....but maybe in the future i want to upgrade to a 2x140mm Radiator so we choosed  to integrate that upgrade option in the Case and added a bit more space around the Rad. We also had to integrate that in the right sidepanel with its integrated radgrill.....but this also brings a problem....because with that bigger Radgrill we couldn´t mount a smaller Rad on the same place because the wholes would be inside the slot of the grill......

So we decided to add a 2nd radgrill on the outside of the right sidepanel which gives us the ability to hide the mounting holes for the bigger Radiator and mount the smaller one.....


Like you might remember....we already prepared that grill (its the part from the video) we only had to overwork the edges before we could mount it on the case.....





Then we swichted the sides again.....and mounted the pump with its custom top on its position so that we could start to make the first bends on the rigid tubing ......







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