Mathieu Delsuc

"Stealth Intervention" by MathMilitaryModding (finish)

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I wanted to bring novelty in the design of tubing and approach

a futurist design on the outside of this mod and work more on design and not just inside the box.

I want to do all the modification by hand without resorting to laser cutting or professional machining




Case: Cosmos SE

Moterboard: Asus Sabertooth Mark S
CPU: I7 4790K
Ram: Avexir core series Mark S edition
Graphics card: Zotac GTX780Ti AMP (Mark S Edition)
Power supply: V850
Fans: Jetflow 120



Waterblock CPU: EK Supremacy LTX

Radiator: 2x  EK 240 PE
Tank: EK baie
pomp: Laing DDC 3.2PWM

  Tubing: Full Nanoxia CoolForce CF1 with PETG tubing

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Mod front face with PVC 2mm and creating the doors with plexi 10mm. The doors and front face will be painted

Painting caches Bay PCIE back in white.

beginning of changes in the AMP 780Ti AMP "Mark S Edition"





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