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ric    0

 1) What is more NEW: CM SF-19 OR SF-17 OR SF-15...?
 2) CM SF- IS MODEL 2010 OR 2011 ??
 3) GOING THE CoolerMasteR Company to CREATE New Edition of  gaming cooler base 2014 yes or not ?? (please this question i want to answer me someone which job in CoolerMasteR Company.)
 4)What about Aluminum is good or not for cooling...?? Because ,cm sf- is very good (in many ways that i read) but is not have aluminum. Maybe finally the all theme is about on the construction...?? 
 5) What Thermopaste and  how often should change..?? And one thermopaste how we understand that is good..??(apart from price)..
     THX..... :)  :) 

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knud    129

1) SF-15 is the latest model. (for 15 inch notebooks)

2) Around 2013-2014

3) No info on this

4) Aluminum itself is good for cooling, but it needs to be cooled with a fan to be more effective. And it adds cost. Adding airflow to a notebook can have a good effect on it's thermal performance. (either by blowing cool air towards it or drawing the hot air away.)

5) Any after market thermal paste will do, but keep in mind that you'll void the warranty of your notebook when replacing the thermal paste. (You don't need to add thermal paste on the outside to use a notebook cooler)

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world    84

To build on top of knud's answer for number 4, Aluminum is a pretty good heatsink material, but for laptop coolers it doesn't matter very much, since the laptop cooler material doesn't really act as a heatsink. The effect of laptop coolers is to provide airflow for the laptop to help keep the components cool. For the most part, laptops have shells that are isolated from the cooling systems inside them, although there are a few exceptions. 

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