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CM Storm TRIGGER bugs... firmware update

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Sanz    0
12 hours ago, Blackaust said:

can you tell me the solution you found for the lighting mode?

the reset tool corrected the keyboard except for the lighting mode keys :/

Press the Trigger button (beside ALT) + F4, to change the lighting mode key

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Nikita    0

Hello. I have same problem on my TRIGGER-Z keyboard, but with another keys. After installed software, programm not see keys (1,2,3,4,5, alt. and right now have problem with FN) I was try reinstall program and software. Nothink to helped. I was try install "Reset tools" from trigger downloads. But cant use. (I think program not see my keyboard model). On photo can see  - what key "5" not active. Key "6" active. May be i can return basic settings? Please help me, I dont want change keyboard...  

P.S. "Im from Russia and my English not so nice.But if need more information or some picture just tell me, i will add.

pic 1.jpg

pic 2.jpg


So, its what i tell before. 


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Bugs on software

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rem c    0

hi..i have the same started after i m upgrading to windows 10. at first the keyboard was okay. then the next day its start to not working. then i downgrading my windows back to window 7 hoping the keyboard to work fine again. however its still not working. only one button send the input to the pc with the wrong output, the rest failed. can somebody help me? i cant afford to buy a new one. pls

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