Silent Pro 850W won't turn on

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Spellucci    0

I have an older Cooler Master Silent Pro 850W that has been happily powering a gaming machine for four years. I decided to upgrade my mother board and CPU to an ASRock X99 Extreme3 and an Intel Core I7.  With everything plugged back in, when I try to turn on the power supply, nothing happens.  No lights on the mother board, no fan on the power supply.  Could someone give me some basic troubleshooting ideas?  I am happy with links to other places on this forum, or anyplace else on the Cooler Master site.  I have done some basic searches, but power supplies are not my strength, so I don't know the exact keywords to use to help me find a solution.

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If you can find the pins on the motherboard for the power on switch, you could try using a screwdriver and connecting the two pins together to see if that gets the case to turn on. If it doesn't turn on still, the power button probably isn't the problem. 


Just in case, make sure the CMOS reset jumper is in the right spot to be able to power on, since a CMOS jumper in the wrong position can keep a computer from turning on. 


When I run into potential issues with a power supply, I use this method: http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/other/22

Be really careful though. If you connect the wrong wires, you could really mess things up. That said, if you have a power supply tester, that would be the safer way to manually turn on the power supply without going through the motherboard.


You should still be under warranty, right?

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