seidon 120v blue led dead ?

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SiD996    0

I glanced into my case today and to my horror the blue working led was not lit up on my seidon AIO ! . After a small panic attack and noticing my temps was still a steady 30oC  (very cold outside so central heating is on balls out) i decided to trouble shoot !.

So i disconnected the cpu power and boom temps started to rocket reconnect and down they come .

this does make me feel better but im still worried about my pump unit, has anyone eles had this issue ? according to my asus suite its running at 2360 rpm at full 100% all the time so shud have 12v going to her she is running of my CPU fan header witch is set to 100%.

i just cant seem to figure out why it wont light up ive had the AIO installed for around 3 months so it isnt old.

any ideas fellas and ladys ? 

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Pclinde    197

The LED and pump are two separate components. You can request RMA for this, but you should not worry about the pump. :)

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