I need to replace SF-17 180 mm fan. How to remove it to replace

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I have the SF-17 and I am thinking to replace fan with the SilverstoneAir Penetrator  AP 181  C$15 currently.

QUOTE from Silverstone on the AP-181:

The design goal for Air Penetrator is to focus airflow into a column that can be channeled through various obstacles inside the modern computer case for more efficient cooling performance. Compared with traditional fans, where airflow spreads outward and further looses focus with resistance added (e.g. filters, fan guards, etc…), Air Penetrator fan’s unique blade and grille designs can create  enough pressure to push air as far as 1 meter away with minimal fan speed and noise. 1200RPM 130CFM 34DBA in high airflow mode


According to the specs in the SF-17 sheet:

Fan Speed 700 - 1200 RPM ± 15% Fan Airflow 35 - 70 CFM Fan Noise Level 16 - 21 dBA


I have a couple of questions:

1. The AP 181 comes in a square case frame, is it compatible with the CM unit?.

2. Would the speed fan control in the SF-17 also control the fan of the AP 181 with the same incremental motion?

3. Is 34 dBA noticeably noisy?

4. The fact that AP 181 moves the air like if it was a tunnel and with the strength to reach 1 metre, would it harm in any way the notebook when it invades it through the beehive air intake?


I would appreciate your knowledgeable opinions



I would appreciate tutorial to disassemble the SF -17 to replace the fan. Anyone has ever seen a blueprint of the guts of the unit?

Who manufactures the fan inside the SF-17 and what is the Model Number?


Thank you kindly.

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It doesn't seem like the SF-17 is meant to be user-serviced, so I don't think there's a publicly available blueprint of the unit. 


It looks like it might be possible to fit the silverstone fan in the SF-17, but I've never seen SF-17's with replaced fans.


A quick search shows that 34 dBA is like a whisper, but it seems every company's noise testing is different (even though it should be standardized), so it's difficult to say exactly how much noise it will be. But considering the max RPM is 1200, I don't imagine it to be very loud. 


Having a higher fan CFM shouldn't cause any harm to your notebook, but you do have to worry about how much power the fan draws. Make sure it doesn't draw too much power, unless you're willing to do some power-source modding. Also, I don't know what voltage the fan operates at on the SF-17, but it seems that the AP181 has a startup voltage of 10.8V, so if the SF-17 operates at USB voltage (5V), then there might be trouble with a swapped fan.

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