BJ Kramer

Liquid cooling for 2001 'Narrow' ILM?

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BJ Kramer    0

I do not currently have a liquid cooling solution, but I'm interested in going that route for my home server. The motherboard is an ASRock Rack EPC602D8A, which uses a 'Narrow' ILM LGA2011 socket (image attached). I can't seem to find authoritative information about whether the Nepton or Seidon cooling systems can mount to this ILM (the docs I found just specify that they support the 2011 socket without specifying which ILM).


Does anyone out there know for certain?




*EDIT* Wow, like a moron I typo'd the subject. 2011, not 2001.


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knud    125

Unfortunately, this is not supported. 

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