Cosmos II window panel

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I use many Cosmos II cases because it supports SSI-CEB form factor (Asus X79 WS boards). I'm quite happy with its looks and performance in case of extreme workstations. I'm pondering to buy a few more (3-5) for the upcoming X99 extreme builds using Asus X99-E WS boards (SSI-CEB). Now, my questions:


Can CM make a cool side panel window for Cosmos II?

Does CM undertake such custom orders? (I'll pre-order them if required).


I reckon CM should've released one by now as they did in case of Storm Trooper window.


If it's not possible, my only option is to buy windowed panels from other sources but it's quite expensive (over $150), and often found to be out of stock!


Anyway, I'll write to CM USA contacts in this regard. I hope someone responds in this regard.


Thank you.

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knud    129

No, CM does not have a windowed panel available and there are no plans for it. And no option for custom side panels.

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Cybershaman    0

Apparently they did make a panel. At least at some time. I just heard from a guy who ordered one directly from CM a while ago. I came here looking since I've wanted one for quite a while now... :( Here we have a rep explaining that they had started making them: http://www.overclock.net/t/1248097/welcome-cooler-master-to-their-manufacturer-forum/90#post_18034306

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