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Difference between tk, tk stlth, rapid, stealth and rapid-i ?

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  I want to buy an mx brown keyboard. I consider buying a CM because of the quality and price, and try to decide between the TK, TK stealth, rapid, stealth and rapid-i


  The abvious differences are :

-TK  and TK Stealth have a keypad (that can be switch to direction keys)

-The TK and TK Stealth have printing on front of keys instead of top

-Rapid-i has fancy leds mods that I don't care for


  The less so abvious differences :

-The rapid has only 6 keys roll over in USB mode

-The steal has only 12 keys roll over in USB mode


  The not so abvious differences

-The rapid-i has a powerfull STM32 mcu and updatable firmware. It can be switched to differents memorized modes.

-The TK is twice lighter (544g vs 934g), because the switch are not mounted on a steel plate (is is aluminimum ? plastic ?)

-From the pictures of the PCB I could find, the TK seems to have a one sided PCB


  What I could not find :

-Is there a durability or "quality feeling" difference between those keyboards ?


  I could not find any local shop that stocks anything else than the TK. And I did not event asked to open a box to actually see the keyboard because they only sell the blue switches version, then I know I won't buy from them in the end.


  Are there any other difference, appart from key rolling and programmability (durability, construction quality, ...) ?


Thank you,


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Pclinde    197

Hi Lucien,


I would recommend you to go back and test the Stealth. I know you're looking for MX Brown, but at least you can feel- try the ABS key caps.


The Rapid-I is heavy, but it has a great quality feeling. Both keyboards (Stealth + Rapid-I) are equipped with a steel plate. Also, both keyboards are equipped with the same Cherry MX Switches.


You can check out my Rapid-i review (it's Dutch, but maybe you can check out the photos): http://tweakers.net/productreview/98491/cm-storm-quickfire-rapid-i-(cherry-brown).html

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