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I have a problem. I am getting a Cooler Master Nepton 240m some time soon for my build. The fans in using are Corsair SP120 PWM version fans, which have an rpm of 2350 and a 4-pin pwm connector... I have two of them with a 4-pin pwm fan splitter to make one connector. My Asrock Z97 Killer motherboard only has 1 4-pin cpu fan connector, plus a 3-pin cpu fan header and a 3-pin power fan header (and other 3-pin case fan connectors). Also i have a 4-pin case fan header. My questions are: 1. What connector does the pump on this cooler have? 2. If its 3-pin, i can use the 3-pin cpu header and i wont have a problem. If its 4-pin, can i use the 4-pin cpu header for the pump, and the 4-pin case fan header for the fan splitter with the fans on it, and will the motherboard recognize it and use those as fans As it would for cpu fans? 3. If that is a problem, can i use my fan controller for the cpu fans, or will that cause a problem or something? 4. I just thought of something else, could i use a 4-pin pwm fan splitter that takes 3 connectors and turns it into one for the pump and two fans and run it off of the 4-pin cpu header... Or will that create a problem as well?

Thank you for your time, and heres some pics to help.




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Lightbearer    0

I have an AsRock Z97 too and I am getting a Neptron 280L, it has the same problem, the manual says two 4 pin fan headers but the board has one four pin and one three pin for the CPU (and a case fan 4 pin).


Am I right from the picture that the pump can be connected to a 3 pin or four pin? It looks like the pump cable has a three and four pin option.


I understand the pump works full speed always so the fourth pin would be unneccessary?

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CM Patrick    34

Hello Carter2Pont3 & Lightbearer,


The CPU Fan 1 and CPU Fan 2 headers are linked together for push/pull setups. I would suggest using the Y splitter for the PWM fans and connecting them to CPU Fan 1. Then connect the pump (3-pin) to the 3 pin Power Fan 1 header.


You do not want to use a Y splitter that has 3 connectors because you will have incorrect RPM reading in Windows and Bios since the Fan RPM and Pump RPM are different.


Please let me know if you have any more questions.



CMUSA Support

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Hi CM Patrick,


May I know what is the save spot for the Pump RPM? I have the problem when I plug in the CPU_Fan 1 and CPU_Opt the Nepton 240m pump will have the rattling sound and sometime is very ignoring. So I connect to the CHS_FAN 2 and control the power % and adjust until the sound gone. And i read the bios RPM for the CHS_FAN 2 is around 2500 - 2600 for the pump. IF 100% power to CHS_FAN 2 the pump RPM is around 2800 - 2860 the sound come back.


my mobo: Asus maximus VII HERO

cpu: i5 4690k

temp: 30 - 40 idle

temp: 40+ some light gaming.


Have not try overclock yet.

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