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Rich Torrey    0

I have had my CM Storm Trigger (red) for ages and i love it so much, the micro USB port for the power has warn away so i cant use the keyboard.


I have been spending 3 hours looking online for a replacement Chip that connects to the inside of my keyboard i wish to buy it as it is a shame to throw £89.99 worth of kit away just because a port faded away.


Does anyone know why i cant find an email adress for Coolermaster?


Im looking to buy the chip so i can slot it back in and keep playing.


Please somone help i really hate using this microsoft basic keyboard?


Info on the Chip (it detatches off btw, once keyboard is open) TRIGGER DB_HUB_V3.0_20110810

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Was this ever resolved? I picked up an 'as is' trigger keyboard recently for sup[er cheep  thats way out of warrenty, and all it needs is the TRIGGER DB_HUB_V3.0_20110810 curcuit board, since I cant register this keyboard (its registerd to somebody else) i cant even get far enough into the system to see if i can order it through the Order Parts button... I'd gladly buy another one if the price was within reason...


- Will.

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