Nepton 280l - Broke seal on LED Cooler Master Lens/Window

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TCUZ06    0

During installation of a Nepton 280L I pressed down too hard on the LED lens with the word Cooler Master on it.  The lens is still firmly in place but in does push in a little on the right side (where the "Rs" are).  Before I even fire up the PC, I was wondering if this screw-up is catastrophic.  I.E, will water pour out of the lens during operation.  Or will the pump not function correctly due to suction issues or whatever.  Basically, am I ok to turn on the computer because the lens is meaningless or do I have to remove and replace the Nepton 280L.  Thanks for any advice.

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Pclinde    197



You can always try, but at your own risk. The pump should not be affected by this.


Cheers, Pim

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