Rapid-i keyboard

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nom    0

This wonderful keyboard is built right.  Quality parts,  heavy, compact, with real Cherry MX switches. 


Why I haven't bought it yet/might get a different kb:

Red switch version should be more readily available by now. 

Keyboard case should have channels to feed the USB cable like other CM kb's.  I fear the connector will wear out since the cable pulls directly on the connector. 


Mechanical Gaming Keyboards should have the following:

Black/Red/etc Cherry MX Switch options. (Blues and browns are great for typing, but are slow compared to properly used linear switches)


Macros/Programmable keys


My ideal gaming compact kb would be the existing rapid-i with Black switches and hardware based programmable keys.   Throw in RGB if you want to make that segment happy.  Oh and please address that connector slot. 





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Pack Man    1

I love this keyboard. But if I had a chance to change anything on it in order to improve this product it I would do the following:


Make management / config software. Customizing, firmware update, firmware info... How do you people know what firmware is in your keyboard?


I don’t like that lights are on MAX on Caps Lock, M1, M2, M3, M4,... keys. I understand the decision to do it this way but having an option to customize this would be nice.


How do you exit Backlighting profile mode (M1, M2,....)? I usually click fn + mode (f4) and then it moves me from M1 or M2... to mode. But not to the mode I was on before I enabled Backlighting profile mode. It returns me to the next mode in line. Then I have to circle through all modes to get to the mode I was on before I enabled Backlighting profile mode. This can probable be fixed in the firmware. Maybe there is a bather way to switch between Backlighting profiles and Mode?


Again I understand the decision to leave M1, M2, M3 and M4 lights ON when Backlighting profile is on. But I don’t like it. If only there was a way to customize this.

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Fabiano    1

I bought this keyboard after being shown it by the CM stand guys at the i53 LAN.


So the cool light features are awesome, but one major oversight- for all practical applications just a steady backlight is more useful than keys that are off by default but react to being used.


Solution: Make settings where keys are dimly backlit by default, but brighten up in reaction upon being hit. All the existing reactions could exist as programs, but the default state is low light rather than off. This would allow us to enjoy the cool light patterns, but no longer at the cost of usability. 

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Brendan    0

The new firmware (v.119) adds some neat improvements to the ActivLite, more like what Fab was asking about. Thanks for improving an already good product, CM!


Still room for improvement, though. I'd love to see a config utility as well. I'd love to see breathing mode as a "sleep" option when the keyboard hasn't been touched after say 5 minutes. Being able to adjust the breathing mode speed would be a nice touch too. Adjusting the ActivLite fade speed would also be nifty.

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