Nepton 280L question

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skozzy    0

Few days ago purchased one of these, took some creative thinking to install it in my Full Tower Lian Le case. Only way I was able to install it inside the case was using the top mounted fan, which ment no room for the power supply to be fully secured, but it's good enough.


Previous temps with the stock intel fan on my i7 920 was 63c at idle in windows. 95c with some games running.

Currently now is 35c idle in windows and 70c with same games running.

Highest temp seen so far with RealTemp was 88c when running Intel BurnTest overclocked from 2.66 to 3.6ghz.


I didn't really know what to expect from the cooler but I am impressed enough that I can over clock this PC now, but I was hoping for cooler temps.


I do have a question about the "Sealed Unit". When I removed mine from the box I gave it a shake about to listen if it had all the air removed cause I read in many different liquid cooling forums and reviews that you should not have air in the loop. Well it gave a nice splashing about sound that made me wonder just how much air is in the Closed Loop. I also didn't see any mention if the radiator was best mounted vertical or horizontal. For my application I could only mount it horizontally (tubes facing down). Seems ok so far, nice and quiet.


Is it possible to top it up more with coolant.


This twin fan design is much larger then I expected, when I saw the packaging I was thinking, what a joke making such a big box for something that isn't going to be so big. Well I was beside myself when I saw the size of it.


I will be getting another Cooler Master liquid cooler for my 2nd PC, only this time a single fan type as the other PC is a midi tower with barely any internal room.


But would like some feedback from people about the sloshing about of coolant in the unit and should I be concerned at the free space inside it.

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world    84

All sealed-unit (all-in-one) water coolers have at least a little bit of air in them, but it shouldn't impact your temperatures at all.


When you turn on your system, you don't hear the sloshing noise, right? (at least not for too long the first time after moving your system around)


As for filling coolant, the Nepton isn't really designed to be refilled. While it's technically possible to top it off with more coolant, it's not recommended.

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Closed Loop liquid coolers always need some air inside. Think about this: whent temps are rising, all liquids tend to increase their volume. If there were no space to expand the there will be such a pressure inside that at some point something will crash - the radiator, the pump, the isolation arround the tubes... So, yes, you always need a little air inside an AIO liquid cooler.

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