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Ataliano    1

Hi guys,


I have a Quickfire TK and got the same booting issues since way ago... I was even thinking of changing my keyboard soon since I thought it could be a hardware issue (my keyboard has 2 years I guess or close to).


Thing is that after researching I see this is a very common issue, and what surprises me a lot is that it's been fixed with a firmware update for just one of your models (i-Rapid) but what about TK users? there's also more models where I saw people saying they have the same issue so I think it's a quite generic common issue with most of the same generation models.


Is there any fix around for TK keyboards? It's quite annoying seeing how one model gets a response while others are left... and this issue is very annoying, having to plug on-off the keyboard several times to get it recognized is quite a pain in the :), since I have to do it almost 95% of the times when turning on my PC.


Got a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard, with Legacy USB enabled and right options in BIOS, however, the issue is still there. The Motherboard is also updated to one of the latest firmwares, so I guess it isn't a BIOS firmware issue.


Any help would be appreciated

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Terrier    0

Hi guys,


Wondering if there is a fix for the LEDs. My CM Rapid Fire is 4 years old, works great still, but I'd love to be able to fix the lights and restore it. 21 lights are not working.


Thanks, T

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